Dan McEver, the owner of MAXHAM FARM LANDSCAPE AND LAWN CARE (MAXHAM FARM)  is a strong believer in making the landscape of his customers’ homes an element of pride and beauty. He believes the natural exterior areas of their homes are just as important or maybe even more important than the interior design. Our weather in the Atlanta area allows us to enjoy the outdoor areas of our homes nearly year ‘round, so that a well maintained and healthy landscape is required for maximum enjoyment by his customers.   

What is the origin for the name MAXHAM FARMS?

Dan McEver’s MAXHAM FARM LANDSCAPE AND LAWN CARE (MAXHAM FARM) has deep roots in the Atlanta area.

Dan’s great grandfather, Herbert Maxham, purchased the land and home from Israel Causey’s family in 1887. For 5 generations the families lived and farmed the land. Dan’s grandfather Daniel Maxham, a mechanical engineer by education, was a devoted farmer of apples and other fruits. 

During the 1950s, 60s and 70s the Maxhams’ grew and picked their own fruit and  were a source for fresh fruit to the neighboring communities.

In 1975 the family placed the house on the National Historic Register. 

From the Cobb County, Georgia and National Historical Societies

 “Israel Causey was one of the original pioneer settlers when he moved Cobb County in 1833. The house, built during the gold rush era, is an example of a frame plan-style dwelling. At one time, his plantation contained more than 1,000 acres with crops of cotton and sugarcane. It included land donated for the building of a nearby church. Briefly during the Civil War, Union soldiers quartered here. After Israel's death the house was sold to Herbert Maxham in 1887. Generations of the Maxham family lived here and conducted various types of farming as they transitioned from cotton planting to dairy farming to growing fruit.”

Today the house remains in possession of the McEver and Maxham families and is still tended to and cherished by Dan just like the “good old days”.  Causey-Maxham Farm House


In 2006 Dan’s mother and uncle decided to sell the majority of the land but kept the five front acres along Maxham Road and the Causey-Maxham Farm House.

Dan McEver

As a young boy Dan honed his knowledge of agriculture and horticulture by working with his grandfather. Dan came to appreciate and care for the land while growing up and carried that on into his formal education at UGA. Dan studied turf management, woody ornamentals and plant pathology at UGA graduating in 1995 with BSA Horticulture. 

After college Dan began working The Greenery, Hilton Head, as a spray technician for chemical treatments for clients.  Next Dan joined Environmental Design Group as a spray technician for primarily commercial properties in the Metro Atlanta Area. Dan wanted to expand his experience with plant material and joined McGinnis Farms Wholesale Nursery as an advisor to clients for plant material and landscape design.

In 1999 Dan joined Precision Enterprises as maintenance crew manager where he learned that he had a knack for helping solve clients problems with their landscape design, lawn/turf problems and communicating service issues to management for resolution. In 2001 Dan decided to begin his own company to provide quality service at a fair price and to deliver beyond the expectations of his clients. Dan’s primary goal was to build a stable, loyal customer base and grow the business only when he could continue to provide excellent customer service. Dan was able to start with approximately 50 customers and today services approximately 85 customers in Cobb and Fulton counties in the North Atlanta Metro Area.